An accomplished writer, Fran's print credits include columns, series, and features in United Feature Syndicate, the Chicago Sun-Times, the Chicago Tribune, US magazine, American Airlines' The American Way, and Field Electronic Publishing.

Currently, Fran writes a monthly astrology column, "Shorecast," for Shore magazine, and a twice-monthly blog for the magazine, "
Starcast by Fran Smith," at

An excellent communicator, Fran's on-air credits include "Star Travel with Fran Smith," the former WNUA-FM (95.5) next day forecast feature, and more than 450 radio talk show interviews in which the amount of listener call-ins have been remarkable.

Fran is also the author of
How To Pick A Lover, the 373-page astrological guide to love and close relationships that crosses all boundaries, demonstrating - in twelve chapters - how each sun-sign (male and female, separately) relates to the other eleven, as well as to its own.

Introducing Fran Smith
"Everyone's affected by astrology - by its popularity, by its power, by its precision. It's the science that just won't go away. And audiences wouldn't dream of letting it."

"...readers will no doubt enjoy a lovers' leap through the zodiac."
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