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Market Place Magic explores the delightful result-getting effects of herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables available at your favorite supermarket. Whether carrying a basil leaf to attract money or eating a strawberry to rein in love, "Market Place Magic" - a complex tradition that's existed for thousands of years - finds itself very much at home in the 21st Century.

The Power of Gemstones covers a facinating field. Product of the miner's labor and the craftsman skill, gemstones are worn for their beauty, symbolism of wealth, alleged healing properties (yes! diamonds have immunity to poison) and color. Out of this, emerged the twelve birthstones - determined by the wearer's time of birth - and the timeless belief in the power of one's own birthstone.

Where's Lady Luck? investigates, in which one of the 12 sun-signs (from Aries to Pisces), that dynamic planet, Jupiter (which is Lady Luck), is going through now. Because whatever your sun-sign, this planetary shift affects you directly, since Jupiter is advancing through one of the 12 houses in your birth chart-at this moment. So, let's see how it favorably affects your life, your work, your loves now - and in the weeks ahead.
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An accomplished writer, Fran's print credits include columns, series & features in United Feature Syndicate, the Chicago Sun-Times, the Chicago Tribune, US & American Airlines' The American Way.

Currently, Fran writes a monthly column, "Shorecast" for Shore Magazine & her blog, "Starcast" at

Check out Fran's in-depth book, HOW TO PICK A LOVER, the astrological guide to love & sex.
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