Fran goes straight to the core of life's fascinating interaction between men and women with answers that are right on target, whether your relationship is lifelong or current; serious or frivolous; sweet or sour; passionate or friendly.

Some books about love are either dreamily impractical or coldly analytical; this one is both lyrical and directly helpful. If the relationship is working, you'll instantly see why; if it isn't, you'll recognize the trouble spots and learn how to make it more satisfying. As Fran travels through the twelve sun-signs of the zodiac, demonstrating how each sun-sign relates to the other eleven, the unseen surfaces; confusion becomes clarity.

How to Pick a Lover by Fran Smith works. It's real. And as you will discover, it can make all the difference between encountering rejection and the love of your life.

Introducing How To Pick A Lover
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...a 373-page guide to love and close relationships that crosses all boundaries.
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"...readers will no doubt enjoy a lovers' leap through the zodiac."
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